Something to be thankful for 

It’s been a busy week. My sister is here from UK for Easter break. She will go back on Sunday. 

My brother, Hassaan, has chicken pox. His twin, Safi, will soon also get it. They’re 13. Also, to make things worse, Safi fractured his hand and wrist by falling down in school today. Right now, he has his whole left arm in a cast. And soon, he will get chicken pox and it will be quite difficult for him to be in that cast. 😦

On a lighter note, my siblings and I are talking again. We are finally getting along.We laugh, watch movies and cricket matches together. We go out shopping and have dessert and icecream. We’ve even started eating dinner at the same time, the whole family together at the table. 

I guess one can never really hate their siblings. Even though at times, you’ll want to tear their heads off. But there really is a natural bond that can never fade away. 

Anyway. It’s been a good week. 🙂 Very hectic, though. 😅 But I am thankful. ☺️ 


August 31st 2015, Monday

“Have courage and be kind.” 

I’m sorry this post is late. I didn’t really feel like writing, and I was busy with family, too.

Here is my birthday post.

I wasn’t really expecting much on my birthday, to be honest. I slept at 11 pm because I just felt weird and sad. 😕 But I got woken up at midnight and there was cake. My siblings and mom surprised me. 🎉 For a while, I thought it was a dream because I was sleeping and sad and wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. But yeah. I wasn’t expecting it and it sure was a lovely surprise. ☺️

My friends had no plans with me. They didn’t even meet me. I thought they’d be planning something, but they didn’t. 😐 Mom later took me to lunch, and all my girl cousins and aunts and both grandmothers were there. Later, my guy cousins also arrived. I had an amazing time and for a while, I forgot my depression and sadness. 😌


I ordered a club sandwich, but it tasted horrible so I passed it on to mom. I survived on these super delicious French fries and 2 mocktails. 😋🍴🍟🍹


“Pyari Beti = Lovely Daughter”


After lunch, my brother got cake with candles and OMG, the restaurant started playing this Happy Birthday song and I was quite embarrassed. 😳 I had Maryam and Mina, my younger cousins, cut the cake for me. But I blew the candles though. That’s actually my favorite part. Blowing the candles. 🎂☺️💖

Overall. My birthday was not as sad as I was thinking it would be. Sure, I was hurt by my friends. And that one person who never called. Or texted, even though I kept waiting. And yes, the thought of growing old does make me sad. But that day, my family made sure that I was happy. And that’s all that matters. Even if it only lasted for a short time. ❤️

Eid 2015

This Eid, which celebrates the end of Ramadan, is called Eid-ul-Fitr. Roughly translated, it means ‘feast that marks the end of the fast of Ramadan.” In Urdu, we call it Meethi Eid (Sugar Feast). Eid is celebrated for 3 days. Today was the first day.


As traditions hold, we wake up very early in the morning, get dressed in new and fancy clothes, and head off to my Paternal Grandparent’s house where all of my family gathers for lunch and dinner. Extended family and distant relatives come to our house because my Dada (Grandpa) is the oldest in our whole family.

My Mom was given the job of cooking Mutton Pulao (Mutton Rice?), as always because she’s a great cook. She also made Chicken Ginger because four of her children do not eat red meat. My Khala (Mom’s sister) was in charge of vegetarian food (my Dada is a strict vegetarian) and she made the traditional sweet dish called Sheer Khurma. And my Chachi (Aunt) made Mutton Qorma (Mutton Curry?). I had pictures of the food, but my idiot brother deleted them from my phone. >.>


All of my girl cousins wore mehndi (henna) on their hands. I didn’t because

a. The smell really bothers me

b. I think it’s disgusting

c. It stinks. Ugh.


Anyway. My Dadi (Grandma) wasn’t too pleased, though. She’s making me put on mehndi (henna) tomorrow. How will I live with the smell. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I think henna looks really beautiful, and it is big in our culture, buuut the smell is really bad. And it lingers. .-.

So, I will be wearing mehndi on my grandmother’s orders. Mom’s already called the mehndi artist to come in again later tomorrow.

Anyway, so where were we? Oh yes. So I wore this really beautiful outfit. It’s a traditional Shalwar Kameez, the Pakistani dress. To be honest, when my parents bought this for me, I didn’t like it. But when I wore it in the morning today, I fell in love with the color. So pretty! *_*


I LOVE wearing dangling earrings. In my family, none of my cousins wear long earrings. I don’t know why. Earrings are my favorite accessory. I own a hundred pairs, I think! 😛 And yet, every time I see dangling earrings when I go shopping, I immediately buy. 🙂 ❤

Today was a good day, all in all. 🙂 My cousins and I had fun today. ❤ ALSO. I got money! The biggest perk of this Eid is the money, tbh. :3 I received Eidi (money) from my Dada, Dad, two uncles and one aunt. :’)

My Dad gave his favorite nephew 15 grand. Well, that was probably because it was his birthday, too. And I gave my brother, Hassaan, who is one of the twins, 6 grand. (Pakistani rupees, btw) I only gave Hassaan so much money, because I wanted him to do a chore for me. And I had to bribe him. -.-

Oh. And I still have to give Safi (the other twin) the same amount of money. Because he says it isn’t fair since they’re twins. I will be broke. Sigh. Being an older sibling is hard. Yes, I am strict with my younger siblings, but one puppy-dog look from them, and I am being emotionally blackmailed. Haha.

Also, that reminds me. I have to give Eidi to Mina and Maryam, too. Yup, I will definitely be broke by tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures! The rest are on my cousins’ phones.


This is Irsa, fellow Gleek and cousin. 🙂

IMG_0064  IMG_0057


This is Maha- Mimi, for short. Everyone says we resemble a lot ❤


I look really weird here. Bunny ears showing. :/ Here we are. The girls of Agha Family. Minus three (who are absent).

May 1st

My baby brothers turned 13 yesterday. I can’t believe they’re teenagers. Just yesterday, they were crawling and spitting and throwing things at me. It feels as if it were only yesterday they were learning to walk, learning to tie their shoes, and learning to say my name.

BeFunky Collage

Hassaan is the thin one, and Safi is the chubby one.

Time flies so fast. I can close my eyes and still remember them as babies. Their adorable baby-talk and tantrums… I miss that.

Hassaan was born 15 minutes before Safi, yet Safi looks the older one. That’s because he’s chubbier. 😛 They’re twins, yes, but quite different- in looks and personalities as well. However, they both are extremely kind.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from yesterday! I’d love to, but I can’t post them all as my brothers will kill me. :p





The only sibling photo

My siblings and I never appear in photographs together. This is Malaysia, in 2004, and it’s the last picture of us taken together. Now, we just take pictures in twos or threes, depending on whom we’re not fighting with. :p


                       I’m the eldest, and the twins are the youngest. ❤




Minor heart attack

So, my laptop crashed on Monday night, and I thought my heart had stopped. I have my whole life in here, and it seemed that all the data had been erased. I was all tears, when my brother, Haris, well he’s actually my cousin but we act like siblings, told me not to worry about it and that he will get it fixed. And he came to my rescue. Again. He spent five hours in the shop with the tech support guys for me. FIVE HOURS. Seriously. He hadn’t even had anything for lunch, but he still stayed there to help me.

Actually, he has helped me so many times that I’ve lost count. He’s my personal driver, my personal maid, and helper. If I want something, he will go get it for me. If I have to go somewhere, he will drive me. If I’m in trouble, he’s got my back no matter what happens, and I can always count on him. I am so glad he is my brother. ❤

So, thank you, Haris, for getting my laptop fixed. I love you.

Here is a picture of us.

Here is a picture of us.

Safi & Hassaan

Safi & Hassaan

May 1st, 2002 was a beautiful day indeed. The sun shone bright in the cloudless sky, rejoicing in its sweet freedom. The winds gently whispered as the birds chirped harmoniously and the flowers seemed to bloom even fuller. This was the day when magic- life and hope- was in the air. This was the day we welcomed my twin baby brothers into this big, wild world.

From 3 siblings, we became 5, with me as the eldest. When my dad brought my younger siblings and I to the hospital to visit, my exhausted mother was overwhelmed with emotion as she held both babies in her arms. The sight was just scared, the bond between mother and child, in this case-children, was just beautiful to watch. What made it more ethereal was when my dad looked down at them with a smile on his face. Even though I was only 12 years old, I knew my father was overwhelmed with love. He could just stand there forever looking at them.

The moment was so private, so magical that my two younger siblings and I felt as if we were intruding upon them. My mother looked up and called me to her. Tears pricked my eyes as I walked over and placed my hand on my brothers’ cheeks. Their skin was so soft and smooth to my touch; it felt like a fine patchwork of silk. When I held their tiny frames against my chest, they smelled of anti-septic, milk, and of baby- of faith and of life.

Nothing can amount to the happiness that I felt as I held my baby brothers in my arms… God knows I love them to the moon and beyond.

My baby brothers are 12 today. *sniff* It feels as if it were just yesterday they were crawling and spitting and blubbering their baby talk. Wanna hear something funny? When mom told me she was pregnant with twins, I spent all 9 months praying for them to be girls. Haha. But yeah. I love them so much… And I hope they always remain loyal to me, as I am to them.