Words to live by



The Richest Poor Man

In Journalism class, many many moons ago, we were asked to select a living influential person, or a celebrity, and write an obituary on them. While my classmates preferred to write on actors and singers, I chose Mr. Edhi. I have always been inspired by him to be a better human. I hope I always am.

Around 2 weeks ago, we lost him. A very remarkable human being, arguably one of the biggest social worker, humanitarian and philanthropist of his era, left behind a whole nation in mourning. What a terrible, terrible blow for us.

The nation’s hero, in the truest sense. He was probably the only good thing (of a few) to come out of this place we call Pakistan. He gave up everything to help the poor, devoted his entire life for the destitute. I feel ashamed, for I am not even half as great, selfless and modest as he was. I hope I always would be encouraged to be more like him.

His passing away is a huge loss for humanity indeed, not just for Pakistan, but for the whole world. One thing I know for sure. Angels do walk on this earth amongst us.

Here is a link to his exceptional foundation that acts as a safety net for the poor, needy and helpless that he created basically out of nothing.

May he rest in peace. Amen. 💔❤️


Kindness exists :)

Today turned out to be a good day. 🙂 First, my assignment went really well. 🙂 I’ll be posting the video really soon. Also, today after class, I headed down to Dunkin’ Donuts because

a. We don’t have Starbucks here

and b. I deserve a treat for all the time slaving at the gym and then coming home and working my ass off to make the video project.

Anyway. When it was time to pay for my doughnut and coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home. *the horror and the shame* Cursing myself, I found I was short on cash. So, I told the cashier to remove the doughnut and only charge me for the coffee. Maybe he could tell I was exhausted, or maybe he was just kind. I don’t know, but he gave me a free doughnut. I politely refused but he wouldn’t stop insisting.

So, I left DD with a big smile on my face, my favorite double chocolate doughnut in my hand, and my faith in humanity restored.

So, today was a good day indeed. Kindness exists. This made me so happy. 🙂 I am going to go back and pay for the doughnut anyway.

Good day (or night, as it is here) to you all! xx