Two Roads Diverged In a Wood, And I

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Hello, world.

I am in Savannah, Georgia. Starting my postgrad- Masters in Writing at SCAD (short for Savannah College of Art & Design).

I feel like I’m on a really fast roller coaster (even though I terribly fear them), and things seem to be flying like a rocket for me ever since I left Pakistan.

I honestly have no words, because this is a big change in my life. When most girls my age are forced to marry and start a family, I have been given the choice of living abroad, in the good old US of A, and take my future in my hands.

I had given up, truly. When I got the acceptance at SCAD and expressed my excitement to go there, my parents and family did not agree. In their eyes, I was 26 and unmarried, getting old and nearing my expiration date. However, one day in November, my parents just came up to me and told me that they will support my decision to go to SCAD despite what everyone says or thinks.

And so, I applied for and got my student visa, and here I am. I’ll march my band out.
I will beat my drum,
And if I’m fanned out,
Your turn at bat, sir,

I can sing this whole damn song, and I have realized that I am a theater nerd as well.

To new beginnings!



Something to be thankful for 

It’s been a busy week. My sister is here from UK for Easter break. She will go back on Sunday. 

My brother, Hassaan, has chicken pox. His twin, Safi, will soon also get it. They’re 13. Also, to make things worse, Safi fractured his hand and wrist by falling down in school today. Right now, he has his whole left arm in a cast. And soon, he will get chicken pox and it will be quite difficult for him to be in that cast. 😦

On a lighter note, my siblings and I are talking again. We are finally getting along.We laugh, watch movies and cricket matches together. We go out shopping and have dessert and icecream. We’ve even started eating dinner at the same time, the whole family together at the table. 

I guess one can never really hate their siblings. Even though at times, you’ll want to tear their heads off. But there really is a natural bond that can never fade away. 

Anyway. It’s been a good week. 🙂 Very hectic, though. 😅 But I am thankful. ☺️ 

Stone cold

A friend just told me that my sadness is just routine now. I don’t know what to feel about that. But that got me thinking. I do usually stay up at night, and one thought leads to another and I feel quite miserable and sad and cry for a bit. Usually, this happens every other night. And like my friend said, it’s routine. How do I stop my depression? Is there a button that I could just press to switch it off?

My best friend’s wedding 

Two of my really good friends got married earlier in January. I cut my vacation short just so that I could attend their wedding. No way was I gonna miss it!

We arrived at dawn of 9th January and their wedding was at night the same day. I only slept for two hours after unpacking. I had called this talented mehndi (henna) lady at my house at 10 am. She came an hour later, and the whole time she was putting henna on my hands, I was so sleepy! She was slow in the art and it obviously shows. In the end, I had her hurry up but she designed so well! 😍😍😍👌🏼

My mom had her designer friend make my dress while we were in the UK and this is what she made and I’m absolutely in love. Felt like a princess! 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼☺️☺️☺️

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of myself 😏 because my brother who usually only takes my pictures was sleeping.

The wedding was a lovely event. Iqra looked so pretty as a bride and Zain, the groom. It was so fun because I’m their mutual friend and their families know me, I didn’t feel as if I was intruding. A few of my friends were there, too. Odd enough not many showed up! 🙄🙄🙄

Here are a few pictures!

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I wore this fancy skirt with a high waisted top and a teeka, it’s that thing on my forehead. Huge earrings are my trademark. 😚 Usually everyone dresses fancy at weddings, however, niether of my two friends who were at the wedding dressed fancy. 😏😏😏

The Valima was two days after the wedding. The Valima is a reception party thrown by the groom’s side of the family.

It was a grand event, with beautiful flower arrangements! There was even a video collage that played for some time and I was featured in it! Yayyy! 💁🏽💁🏽💃🏽☺️☺️☺️


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Just realized that I’ve only posted like 3 times this year. 🙊

After I got back from the UK, I attended my BFFs wedding the same night. I wanted to share the pictures and maybe I will in a day or two. 😏

January has been quite busy, or so I would like to think. Or maybe it just brings up painful memories from last year. January 2015 wasn’t a good time for me. If you’d been following my posts, you’d know. 😕

It’s been one year since… One year. And I’ve come so far… It feels like a billion years ago. I’m not as sad anymore as I was last year. Yes, it still hurts some places. But I’m not letting it consume me… I won’t.

I don’t feel like I’m a new person or like it never happened. I’m still me, with the same feelings. And deep down, it still hurts. The only difference now is that I’m trying. To be happy. I had stopped trying last year and let my misery swallow me whole. But not this time. I’m trying to be happy… better. And that’s a start. 😌

Best of joy 


So, today at our traditional family Sunday lunch, where my whole family gathers at my grandmas house, Mina tried her hand at painting. This is the result. She used paper after paper, all spread out on the table and the floor, until she got bored and then I became her canvas.

Honestly I’m so blessed to have her in my life. She brings me such joy. She’s a bundle of sunshine and happiness and you’re just bound to love her!

Mina is my 8-year-old cousin. This is her. ❤️❤️❤️


Eid Days 1-3

Hello, hello. I have been meaning to write since forever. But every night, I just keep on saving unfinished drafts.

Anyway. Here is my Eid post. 🙂

We celebrated Eid last Friday in Pakistan.

This Eid is known as Eid ul Adha, the Festival of the Sacrifice, and basically, it is to celebrate the willingness Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) showed to follow God’s  command. Muslims sacrifice animals to commemorate that event.

Weeks before this Eid, people start going to the market to buy all sorts of animals- camels, sheep, goats, cows etc. It’s a fun time for all the boys because they care for the animals, play with them, feed them and take them for walks.

Every year, my family gets goats and a camel. However, this year we didn’t get a camel, instead we got this really fat angry white cow.

IMG_5433 (1)

When my family bought the cow, it was really huge. But it started losing weight just a few days later. Dad says the cow was probably missing his family and it got sad. (btw the two brown cows belonged to my neighbor)

12081566_761148230674997_1173884109_n 12092319_761148250674995_1398153661_n

Eid was really fun this year. As usual, we got up early, dressed up fancy and headed to my grandmother’s house where all of the family gathers.


My mom and aunts cooked so many traditional dishes, though I didn’t eat any. It’s considered wrong not to eat the sacrificed meat, as my family continuously tells me. But I stopped when I was 13 and watched my first goat sacrifice. It was horrible, and painful to watch. All that blood and dad was the one who did the sacrifice, and he was covered in blood, too. :/ It was frightening. :/  And that was the day I stopped eating sacrificed meat, or just any meat, tbh.

Anyway. Aside from that, I had a fun Eid. I stuffed my face with juice and as many gulaab jamuns as I could because those were the only things available.


These tasted AMAZING ❤

Yes, I took a lot of selfies. :l


I swear this was candid.

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