Two Roads Diverged In a Wood, And I

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Hello, world.

I am in Savannah, Georgia. Starting my postgrad- Masters in Writing at SCAD (short for Savannah College of Art & Design).

I feel like I’m on a really fast roller coaster (even though I terribly fear them), and things seem to be flying like a rocket for me ever since I left Pakistan.

I honestly have no words, because this is a big change in my life. When most girls my age are forced to marry and start a family, I have been given the choice of living abroad, in the good old US of A, and take my future in my hands.

I had given up, truly. When I got the acceptance at SCAD and expressed my excitement to go there, my parents and family did not agree. In their eyes, I was 26 and unmarried, getting old and nearing my expiration date. However, one day in November, my parents just came up to me and told me that they will support my decision to go to SCAD despite what everyone says or thinks.

And so, I applied for and got my student visa, and here I am. I’ll march my band out.
I will beat my drum,
And if I’m fanned out,
Your turn at bat, sir,

I can sing this whole damn song, and I have realized that I am a theater nerd as well.

To new beginnings!



Something to be thankful for 

It’s been a busy week. My sister is here from UK for Easter break. She will go back on Sunday. 

My brother, Hassaan, has chicken pox. His twin, Safi, will soon also get it. They’re 13. Also, to make things worse, Safi fractured his hand and wrist by falling down in school today. Right now, he has his whole left arm in a cast. And soon, he will get chicken pox and it will be quite difficult for him to be in that cast. 😦

On a lighter note, my siblings and I are talking again. We are finally getting along.We laugh, watch movies and cricket matches together. We go out shopping and have dessert and icecream. We’ve even started eating dinner at the same time, the whole family together at the table. 

I guess one can never really hate their siblings. Even though at times, you’ll want to tear their heads off. But there really is a natural bond that can never fade away. 

Anyway. It’s been a good week. 🙂 Very hectic, though. 😅 But I am thankful. ☺️ 

Video Profile

So, the other day, I was panicking about a video project that was due today. To be honest, I’m not at all skilled at making videos. This is my second try at creating a video project and I really thought I would not be able to do it and that I would fail the assignment.

I was freaking out because I’ve never used After Effects or any animation/moviemaker program, so a friend recommended this awesome website which totally saved my ass from failing. She said the website is good for beginners, and it truly is a godsend. I spent almost 6 hours straight working on my project, and voila! A work of perfection! Almost, or idk.

So, the submission was today, and I barely got enough sleep. But it was worth it because my teacher really liked it! 😀 I was so happy, I could dance! Which would be totally weird because that’s one thing I can never ever do. My brain just freezes and I’d trip over my own two feet and fall. Not kidding or exaggerating. It’s true.

Anyway. The assignment was about creating an introductory video that would give the viewer a clear idea about what we are and what we stand for. It’s kind of a resume but not completely that. Also, we had to choose one profession and create a business card and a webpage.

I chose blogger/writer.

And here is my business card and webpage. I made these 15 minutes before the class, so they’re not that perfect. But the weird thing is, our teacher didn’t want me to make any changes.


Business card



Note: That quote that I’ve used in my webpage is my own, from a poem I wrote around 2 years ago. And the very talented Eugenia Clara, a typography doodler, designed it for me. 🙂