Death (poem)

I wish and wish
for Death to arrive.

"My door is already open, Death,
You're most welcome!
Come in, come in.
Don't be shy.
I'll give you tea and cinnamon bread,
Apple tarts and ice-cream cakes.
What's your favorite? 
Jelly biscuits or gingerbread men?
Coconut crackers or strawberry tarts?
Mint balls or cream rolls?
Milk shake or a fruit smoothie?
Come on, don't hesitate, my dear.
You can have them all."
Death stands there. He glides in and sits on the couch. 
He wears a black hooded cloak, 
which leaves his face a mystery. 
I feel him staring at me. I stare back.
I fix my thick eyeglasses, 
smooth the wrinkles off my dress, 
fetch my walking stick and go inside the kitchen. 
Death follows me there. 
"What is it, sire?" I ask
"What do you want now?"
"You," he bellows and
throws his cloak down.
I shriek when I see his face
So horrible... so dead.
Reaching inside my heart he
clutches my soul 
and pulls it out
making me yelp in pain.
My lifeless body
falls on the floor.
My eyes open...
mouth open in shock
and expression beyond shocking.

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