The wand (poem)

I wrote this poem in 2007, in Istanbul, Turkey- the night we got there… We were eating at this restaurant when I formed this poem in my head. Time: 10:45 pm. Later, we went to our rooms and I properly wrote it in black and white…

She was sitting
on the strange bed
on the night of July 22nd.
Her surroundings were unfamiliar,
everything was cold around her
despite the warm weather.
And with tears
streaming down her face,
she recalled what her father just gave her now....
Beatings, thrashings, unforgivable harsh blows.
And she shivered.
Clutching the wand
in her hand
She wanted to cause
herself pain...
She wanted to kill herself
for being born in this family.
She has been of no use
Just caused havocs and pain....
and she hated herself for that.
She pointed her wand
to her chest
and said "Crucio!"
yet she felt no pain.
She yelled "Sectumsempra!"
but still she felt no pang.
She bellowed "Diffindo!"
Her hopes high
yet nothing happened.
She cried "Impedimenta!"
no spark came out.
Her eyes blurred--
more tears to come.
She shook her wand
and yelled "Stupefy!"
and yet again
she felt no pain.
And then
At last, as if
recognizing her defeat,
She help up her wand
more firmly to her chest
and brokenly whispered "Avada Kedavra"
She had no choice...
Yet, she didn't die..
Because the thing
she was clutching
in her hand was not a wand,
It was just a mere piece of wood...

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