Why friend breakups hurt the most?

Maybe because making friends isn’t easy.

Breaking up with a lover means losing half of your heart, which you can more or less put back together in time. But breaking up with a friend results in losing half of your soul, and that never completely heals. You feel lost, useless and you’ll be afraid… Afraid to find a new friend. And that is devastating.

Losing a friend is just painful. Especially if they were really true friends. Then be prepared for your entire world to crumble up.

I have had a history of friendship breakups all my life. And this one hurt the most. Maybe because now I am older and making friends at this point in my life does not come easy.

Sigh. I’ll be eating icecream alone tonight.


One thought on “Why friend breakups hurt the most?

  1. The thing about true friends is they make up even though they break up for some reason. That’s what friendship does to people, make people susceptible to the good and the bad of the people whom they consider as their friend. Like you said, they are half the soul.
    I never had the pleasure of having such a true friend. I have had friends-acquaintances but not true friends. So, take it from me, I wouldn’t miss one for the world.
    At the end of the day, someone would try to make things right, however hard they might be. So, perhaps, you could do.

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