I bleed poetry

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a poem, or even read one just for the sake of it. I would come across blogs, etc, but I haven’t read all those poetry books by my favorite writers in such a long time. Maybe, since I have stopped writing poems, I thought I had moved on from poetry. However, today, my younger cousins reminded me again how much it means to me, and why it intrigues me still.

Maryam, who is 11, and Mina, 8, have their poetry exams tomorrow. They each have a poetry book, and have to learn selected poems by heart, and tomorrow, they have to recite them to their teachers. And that is supposed to be their poetry exam. I remember I would have the same tests, and I still know some of the poems that I learned in primary school by heart.

When my cousins were practicing with me, I could see myself at their age. English was my favorite subject at school. I was a very slow learner and was frowned upon by teachers in most subjects, but I would always get great marks in English and Poetry lessons. I would love reading poems, and had no trouble memorizing them, too. This bugged my mom and teachers a lot, because I would fail all other lessons at primary school.

Today, I read their poetry books and I realized how much it fascinates me even to this day. Even now, when I don’t write as often as I want to.


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