I got in.

City University London is offering me a place for their Creative Writing Masters program. I still haven’t decided anything yet. And I’m waiting for the rest of the universities to respond. 😁

Thursday wasn’t going well. My whole family was down with fever and the flu. The bad case. And only I remained uncontaminated. They were all cranky and rude and sick. I was baking the whole day, for my grandfather’s birthday which was today. I wanted to try my hand at a layer cake and so far, two of my cakes had flopped. One was raw, and the other was flat. 😞

Overall, everyone was in a bad mood.

And then, at 10 or 11 pm, while my 4th cake was in the oven, I finally got time to check my email. And there it was. An acceptance, just waiting there,Β in the unread folder.

I finally got an acceptance. I cried,Β I won’t lie. Mainly because that meant someone in the admission board thought my writing was good, enough to give me a place at their university. My EnglishΒ teacher told me that Writing programs are very cutthroat, and they only select the best of the best. I always lived with the fearΒ of being rejected, or my writing being deemed unfit or bad.

Anyway. The acceptance letter instantly made my day. And I am very thankful, and very relieved. ☺️


13 thoughts on “Acceptance

      • Ohhh same here, omg! My parents forced me into Science when I was in O’levels. I did want to be a doctor when I was 6, but that dream changed for me. I wanted to study criminology, and when I told dad, he totally flipped out. In college I took psychology and english and stats, and that’s how I found creative writing really interesting.

        Actually, my parents, well my whole family thinks I am too old for masters and that my first priority should be marriage. And my parents are just afraid that if they do let me go, the entire family will condemn their decision. Oh, the joys of growing up in a desi household. 😐

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      • My parents, mom more than dad, really care about what ‘others would think.’ This is what my grandmother and her grandmother was built upon and sadly, that is what my mom is also programmed to believe in. Breaking tradition is one of the hardest and almost impossible things to do for a south asian woman like my mom. So, for her, what others would think and say is really important, and she can’t really think otherwise. Sigh. 😐

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      • I think that’s the problem, its not their fault, they were taught all that since forever, but you can’t blame us either, we just want to do what our heart says. There lies the dilemma .

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