It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, really, and after the approval of my family, I sent applications to study Creative Writing at a few universities in the UK. 

I think I’m too old for a masters degree, tbh. But there is no harm in applying, so I went forward with it. 

I heard back from one of the universities. Just did, actually. And it’s a rejection. 

This just makes me numb. I don’t feel anything. It is definitely what I was afraid of. One of the reasons why I almost never took part in the writing competitions at school. I was afraid of exactly this. 

Now I’m just thinking I am so stupid to believe that I could be a writer. Wow. Because if they rejected me, I must be really bad. 

And I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. 


5 thoughts on “Rejection

      • agreed. it hurts. had the same thing happen to me – then i got married and started a family and holy cats was i ever happy i wasn’t burdened by loans or lack of permanent work…i promise, if you just write your ever-loving ass off, readers will notice. you’ll have to hustle a bit more to properly network and it may take a little bit longer to get that notice, but it will happen. find a good network of writers in your community – open mic nights, other readings, book tours and if none of that exists around you – create your own local scene. work hard and steady and in as many different ways as possible: write stories and screenplays and comic scripts and poems and lyrics and essays and reviews and stage plays and write and write and write. {catching breath.} good day to ya.

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  1. If you want to be a writer, rejection comes with it. With every yes, you’re going to get five no’s, maybe more. The trick is understanding what those rejections mean; they almost never mean “you’re a bad writer.” They usually mean your novel/story/writing is not right for this agent/magazine/school, but it might be right for the next one.

    As for how you should feel about this, well, rejection sucks, so it’s certainly natural to feel disappointed. Don’t let it stop you, though; send out your work again. Rejections are like scars; each one makes you a little bit tougher.

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