Diary of a clumsy girl

I’ve broken my phone! Β *tears* I am such a klutz. I dropped my phone for a millionth time and it finally cracked. The left side of the screen is shattered and the touch has stopped working. 😒

I’ve dropped my previous phones a hundred times, too, but never broke the screen. A Nokia phone is understandable, becauseΒ duh, it’s Nokia. But I had an HTC One for three years before my iPhone and it lived despite me dropping it almost every day. 😳😳😳

It’s been not even a year and I’ve broken myΒ iPhone 6. My dad is not happy. 😏 I feel so cut off from the world, without Whatsapp and Snapchat. Also, the two games that I religiously play: Ruzzle and Trivia Crack. 😞

I’m going to the Apple Store tomorrow. Hope I get it fixed! 😁


2 thoughts on “Diary of a clumsy girl

    • Alas, they can’t fix it in Pakistan. 😞😞😞 Since my warranty is still valid till July, I’ll have my sister take the phone with her and get it fixed from London.


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