Just realized that I’ve only posted like 3 times this year. πŸ™Š

After I got back from the UK, I attended my BFFs wedding the same night. I wanted to share the pictures and maybe I will in a day or two. 😏

January has been quite busy, or so I would like to think. Or maybe it just brings up painful memories from last year. January 2015 wasn’t a good time for me. If you’d been following my posts, you’d know. πŸ˜•

It’s been one year since… One year. And I’ve come so far… It feels like a billion years ago. I’m not as sad anymore as I was last year. Yes, it still hurts some places. But I’m not letting it consume me… I won’t.

I don’t feel like I’m a new person or like it never happened. I’m still me, with the same feelings. And deep down, it still hurts. The only difference now is that I’m trying. To be happy. I had stopped trying last year and let my misery swallow me whole. But not this time. I’m trying to be happy… better. And that’s a start. 😌


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