New Years from London 

Hey guys! I arrived in London on Monday. We are here for 12 days. My sister is starting her undergrad university here from the 4th of Jan, so we are here to drop her off. Parents want to stay longer because they wanna make sure she settles well on campus before they leave her on her own. 

I love the weather! 😍❤️ It’s been raining on and off since two days and it’s very cold. ☔️👌🏼 A very nice change from Pakistan where it’s hot all the time. I wish it’d snow, too. 😍❄️☃



Are we even human?

One year ago, Pakistan lost more than 150 of her children. Today marks one year of the tragic and horrifying incident that happened in a school in Peshawar.

When we found out about the attack, we all were shocked. I couldn’t sleep for days because I saw the bodies on TV. The floors looked like somebody threw red paint all over. It looked unreal, like we were watching a TV show or a movie. Pakistan has never seen school shootings. This was a massacre. Nobody even thought that sending our kids to school to get an education would be dangerous.

There were little kids who had just started their first days of school, and those who were about to finish theirs. This is by far the ugliest terrorist attack Pakistan has ever seen, and we have been through a lot. But this was just… Horrible. And sickening. Who preys on innocent children? What do they get from murdering kids in cold blood? How barbaric of them. Are we still living in the ancient times, in the caves and forests? Is this really the 21st century? What were the shooters even thinking? This is highly immoral and so wrong in every religion and culture and school of thought. No God, no leader, no ruler would commend this.


One year has passed since the brutal incident and we still haven’t healed. It will take time, but the loss will always linger, looming over us like a storm cloud, and reminding us every day of what we’ve lost.

As to those people who were comparing the acts of terror that happened in Paris earlier in November and the Pakistan school attack, shame on you. Both incidents resulted in the brutal murder of innocent people. There is no comparison between their loss and ours. They are equally horrifying and very sad. Also. We don’t just need to pray for Paris, or for Pakistan. The world needs our prayers right now because apparently we have forgotten what being human is.


Mimi’s 18th

It was my cousin’s 18th birthday 5 days ago. We didn’t go out to celebrate because her exams were going on. A few weeks ago, we were talking and she mentioned she likes strawberries very much. And so, I decided to try making the Victoria Sponge Cake.

I was watching Jamie Oliver the other day and he has this amazing recipe that I’ve been dying to try out.

This cake is inspired by his recipe, but I’ve tweaked it just a bit. Since we don’t have fresh strawberries available right now (I searched everywhere 😦 ) I decided to pour melted strawberry jelly over my cake. I also used strawberry jam to use as a spread between the cakes.

That’s my mom helping me. Because I broke the cake while cutting it in half. 😕😕😕

Pouring  melted jelly over the cake made the sponge really soft and gave this cool effect. Also, it enhanced the strawberry taste, which was awesome! 😋

Since we didn’t have fresh or just any strawberries to decorate with, my aunt helped me make candy strawberries.☺️😅


Everyone loved the cake! I was quite happy. The presentation isn’t that professional. Tbh my cake looks very childish. But this was my first try at the Victoria Cake and it was a huge hit. My family wants me to make it one more time and I will once strawberries are in season. ☺️

The second Mimi cut the cake and everybody finished singing Happy Birthday to her, my little cousins, Maryam and Mina, dug in and stole all the strawberry candies. 😂




That’s my baby Maryam ❤