Miffi’s Wedding Week: Mehndi/Mayun

This is Mifrah.

We know each other since we were babies. Our moms are college BFFs.

Mifrah and I have grown up together. Our families would meet two or three times every year and as we got older, the more habitual our visits became.

Pakistani weddings take days because there are so many events. Hers took a week. There was

  1. Mayun and mehndi (these are two separate occasions but they merged it into one)
  2. Nikkah (where the bride and groom take their vows)
  3. The Wedding (hosted by the bride’s family)
  4. The Valima Reception (hosted by the groom’s family).

The last occasion is left. It’s on Sunday, I think.

I’ll leave you with some pictures and videos of her Mayun/Mehndi ocassion! 🙂





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