Eid Days 1-3

Hello, hello. I have been meaning to write since forever. But every night, I just keep on saving unfinished drafts.

Anyway. Here is my Eid post. 🙂

We celebrated Eid last Friday in Pakistan.

This Eid is known as Eid ul Adha, the Festival of the Sacrifice, and basically, it is to celebrate the willingness Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) showed to follow God’s  command. Muslims sacrifice animals to commemorate that event.

Weeks before this Eid, people start going to the market to buy all sorts of animals- camels, sheep, goats, cows etc. It’s a fun time for all the boys because they care for the animals, play with them, feed them and take them for walks.

Every year, my family gets goats and a camel. However, this year we didn’t get a camel, instead we got this really fat angry white cow.

IMG_5433 (1)

When my family bought the cow, it was really huge. But it started losing weight just a few days later. Dad says the cow was probably missing his family and it got sad. (btw the two brown cows belonged to my neighbor)

12081566_761148230674997_1173884109_n 12092319_761148250674995_1398153661_n

Eid was really fun this year. As usual, we got up early, dressed up fancy and headed to my grandmother’s house where all of the family gathers.


My mom and aunts cooked so many traditional dishes, though I didn’t eat any. It’s considered wrong not to eat the sacrificed meat, as my family continuously tells me. But I stopped when I was 13 and watched my first goat sacrifice. It was horrible, and painful to watch. All that blood and dad was the one who did the sacrifice, and he was covered in blood, too. :/ It was frightening. :/  And that was the day I stopped eating sacrificed meat, or just any meat, tbh.

Anyway. Aside from that, I had a fun Eid. I stuffed my face with juice and as many gulaab jamuns as I could because those were the only things available.


These tasted AMAZING ❤

Yes, I took a lot of selfies. :l


I swear this was candid.



Favorite shoes ever! ❤


On the second day of Eid, my uncle took us all out for lunch which was a good thing because our house smelled of blood and meat. Ugh.

I ordered pasta, that I couldn’t finish, and I had two mocktails.

12076935_761148237341663_1700188406_n 12053370_761148240674996_321399356_n


After the lunch, we came home to rest.  Later, it was time to go to my maternal grandmothers house for the traditional Second day Eid dinner.

On the third day of Eid, my family sacrificed the remaining goats and the cow. All my cousins went to watch early morning. I didn’t because blood and gore disgust me also I was sleeping at 8 am.

Afterwards, we went to my paternal grandmother’s house again for lunch. There were so many fresh red meat dishes and one in chicken too.

My cousin was here too with my baby niece and nephew. They looked so adorable in their little cute outfits.






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