I used to be a bully?

What? 😧😧😧😱

Okay. So, last night, this guy messaged me on facebook and turns out we went to middle school together. He was in my class, but I don’t really remember him, because I changed schools in high school.

He told me that he remembers me because I used to be one of the two girls who’d hit boys in our class.

11997327_751986861591134_1943360787_n11998234_751986858257801_1808838315_n copy

That came as a shock for me. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Yes, I was a tomboy and liked to play with boys. But I really don’t remember hitting any boy in my class. That’s sad. I confirmed with this other friend of mine, who went to university with me, and he says he remembers that I was a tomboy but he can’t recall me ever hitting anyone. 😐

This is so weird. I didn’t think I was a bully. And this guy says I was. I am so embarrassed. 😳😳😳


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