Needless to say I died.

And cried.

My family thinks I was being too childish and very immature. But they don’t understand. The Harry Potter books have been my solace…my escape. Some get addicted to drugs, some to food, and some to music. Harry Potter was my addiction. Still is. And I can’t tell you how much I was dreaming to visit The Warner Brothers Studio Tour London ever since it opened in 2012.

And at last, I went there two days ago.

And it was very overwhelming for me. The books are not just books for me. It’s a world that’s very much dear to me. All the characters feel like family. And the books, home.

The whole tour was supposed to start at 11 am and end at 5 pm. I got up extra early that day so as not to miss the bus. My sister and parents also got ready on time. But my brothers didn’t. And we missed the 11 am bus. By the time we arrived at the tour office, it was after 1. So we had to travel underground to get to the station where there was a 2:10 pm tour bus.

So, by the time I arrived at the Warner Brothers Studio, it was well after 3. The whole ticket thing/queue/waiting and I got inside at almost 4. Also, later that evening, we had to see The Lion King musical at the Lyceum Theatre, so that only gave me an hour inside because the next bus to take us back, so we don’t miss the musical, was leaving at 5:15 pm sharp.

I didn’t have much time to see all of the things as I had to rush through it all. My family really hated it as they were very much bored. And they’re still holding that against me. Because of the one hour to see everything, I didn’t get to take many pictures. None of my siblings would take my picture either. They just went to the cafe and had lunch. :/ And my parents kept pestering me the WHOLE time to hurry up as they wanted to leave. So, I couldn’t really admire it all properly.

At the souvenir shop, I really wanted to browse without any haste. But my dad was waiting outside with my brother and he was really impatient with me, so I just grabbed whatever I could see. I bought two T-shirts, Harry’s wand, a Gryffindor hoodie, a 9 3/4 pillow and the Deathly Hallows necklace. I wanted to spend more time in there and get more stuff. Because I have been saving up for this for a long time.

Now I want a Hogwarts mug, a snowglobe and maybe one or two T-shirts more.

Other than that, I really think a second visit is due. Obviously. Maybe, in December. And this time I’d want to go alone. Or maybe with a Harry Potter fan. So that I can experience the magic again. And properly this time, too.

Also, did I mention that I didn’t get to go inside the Hogwarts Express? And try the cool Broomstick flying thing? Okay, maybe I’m too old for the broomstick part, and I wasn’t really interested in that, but The Hogwarts Express was a must!

Well, anyway. I will visit again soon. Insha Allah.

These are all the pictures that I took:













IMG_1660   IMG_1661







5 thoughts on “Needless to say I died.




    but i also feel bad for you

    Travelling with people who dont get you and dont let you be yourself and COME IN OUR WAY MOREOVER is incredibly infuriating

    I want to gooooooo

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