1. Dad brought me an iPhone 6, in gold, last night. It was a surprise. I am so glad I have a new phone, because my old one is broken and bruised and almost dead.
  2. Did I mention we are going to UK and Scotland for holidays in about 2 days? Yep. Finally, I can meet JK Rowling and Benedict Cumberbatch! 😀 :3
  3. It’s Eid tomorrow. Well, it’s Eid now. It’s 4:41 am at the moment and I have to wake up at 8 am to get ready. We go to my Paternal Grandmother’s house on the first day of every Eid. All of my family, also, extended and distant relatives, gather there. My mom and aunts cook a fancy lunch and dinner. We all dress up and basically just loot our elders. (This Eid, which is called Eid ul Fitr, kids get money, ie Eidi, from all elders)
  4. And yet, I am still sad… And I miss my ex-friends. A lot… There’s a hole in my chest. And I miss them. Even though they basically hate me. …. :/

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