What a terrible week

Wow. First, I get sick with fever and a very bad case of sore throat. And today, I almost bleed to death. :/

My fever is fine now. Dad took me to the doctor a few days ago, and I am taking antibiotics and other medication, and I’m feeling quite well. I still have the cough though, but its getting better.

I’m a huge klutz, as you all know. Clumsy, clumsy me, and someday it will be the death of me. Seriously. -_-

Okay, so today I went shopping with Mom. And I was in a hurry to open my shopping bags as soon as we got home. Mom told me to do it after Iftar, but like always, I didn’t listen.

The shopping bags were sealed really tightly. So, I grabbed my box cutter, and started cutting the seals off. One bag down, 4 more to go. On the third bag, my hand slipped, and I hit my pinky with full force. A jab of pain, and a yell later, I realized I was bleeding. 😮




My parents were mad at me for being so careless. My sister brought the First Aid kit and Dad told me to hold the wound really tight to stop the bleeding. 😦

Mom later bandaged my finger. It hurt like a bitch when she cleaned the wound with an alcoholic swab even though the wound is not that big in size. 😥 Mom says I can’t get my hand wet for a day or two until the wound heals. That will be so difficult. :/



So, all in all. This week didn’t go at all as I planned. But then again, life is life. An excellent mystery, and we’re all pawns.

————-This is a scheduled post on 15th July 2015. Internet issues and too tired to wait up. I don’t know when this will be published. Too confusing. Going to bed now. Night! 🙂 ————-



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