An end to a terrible week


So, last night I posted about my terrible week. But behold, it isn’t over yet. Two major things happened today.

1. My mom got into a car crash (she’s fine now. But we’ll know tomorrow for sure if she’s got bruises or whiplash. :/ The car is completely wrecked from both sides. But that doesn’t really matter. The guy who hit Mom on purpose thought she was a boy and speeding just to piss him off. In reality, Mom was in a hurry to come home because of her household chores. And when she saw the strange guy in the car following her, she panicked and started speeding more. When he bumped Mom’s car, she totally lost control and crashed into the huge gates of our neighborhood. We live near the Rangers headquarters and they all came down from their post to help Mom. And since they saw the whole thing and the other guy was at fault, they didn’t let him flee the scene. Mom called my brother first, he was asleep. She told him “some guy has hit me, come to the Rangers post quickly!” And my brother didn’t think Mom was in a car crash. He thought some stranger was actually hitting her. He was there in a minute as we live very near. And the minute he got out of his car, my brother lunged at the guy in anger. Mom yelled and 4 Rangers had to hold my brother back because he’s so big. It was then Mom told him everything, the car crash, that the guy was at fault and how he was following her and hit her car on purpose. Meanwhile, the guy was scared shitless. He swore he didn’t know that Mom was a woman, and he really thought “she was a guy who was speeding just to piss him off and he only wanted to teach him a lesson.” Later, my Dad and Uncles arrived and a few of the neighbors also stopped to clear the matter. I think Dad and Uncle will pay a visit to the boy’s house tomorrow to talk to his parents. The guy wasn’t very old, might be around 25)

2. Well, this might not be seem major or important to you, but it is to me. This morning, I headed to the salon so that I could get my services done because Eid is in 2 days. And because Eid is just round the corner, it was a very busy day at the salon. A few months ago, I had my hair cut from a new hairdresser and I vowed never to do that again. So, I waited patiently for my usual hairdresser to get free. She wasn’t for a while. All of the staff were busy and I had been waiting for hours for my turn. So, the granddaughter of the owner of the salon took me on. She’s really young and a classmate of my cousin’s. She washed my hair nicely, and then the owner herself trimmed my hair. That’s the thing. Since she is the owner, and so authoritative, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I always get a very tiny trim, so that my hair stay long. The owner told me that I am starting to get split-ends and she’ll have to cut them off. I said okay. What happened next is so weird. She showed me that she won’t cut too much. But after she was done “trimming” I nearly had a heart attack. Before, my hair was WAY WAYYYYYY below my hips. And now they barely come at my waist. BARELY. AT MY WAIST. I was in a shock. The owner told me my hair looks much better this way as there’s volume and they look full and thick. I didn’t say a thing, still in shock. I came home, and showed Mom and that’s when it finally sunk in and I was about to cry. 😦 Mom says my hair used to grow long really quickly when I was a kid, and I shouldn’t really worry. My hair is now shorter than my Mom’s. Still longer than my sister’s and cousins’, but still. My long hair was the only best thing about me, and now, that too is gone. 😥

PS: Mom is traumatized. When she came home after the crash, she kept talking to us about her death and funeral. …. :/ 😦


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