So, I had a very tiring day today. In the last 24 hours, I have had only 2 hours of sleep. :/ I went shopping for Eid (which is only 10 days away 😮 ) with mom and we had so much to do in so little time. Then it was time for iftar, and I helped mom prepare the food etc, AND I babysat my little nephew and baby niece ( ❤ ) so that their mum (my cousin) could study for a bit. Oh, and later, all my family gathered at my house for dinner, and I’m so effing exhausted. *falls to the ground*

My leg hurts like hell, and my family JUST went back to their own houses, and since I was so busy serving family, I didn’t have time to eat dinner. And now I’m starving.

My brothers are out shopping for their clothes for Eid as we speak. And they will obviously have burgers and fries or pizza on their way home. Obviously. They’re boys. >.> And I just called my brother to ask him to get me something to eat, too. And you know what he did? He hung up on me. -.- No, there wasn’t bad service, and no, he didn’t cut the call by accident. He actually hung up on me. I feel as if I have been rejected again. :/


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