The Stupid, Idiot, Nonsense Balloon

She was the odd one out. She never really fit in. All the other girls got balloons. They were cool. She never had one. That is, until she was old enough.

She loved her balloon very much. It was always with her, wherever she went. The balloon became her best friend and she thought it would stay with her forever.

But alas! The balloon started feeding off of her happiness and her joy, and got bigger, rounder and sulkier every time. Too egoistic for its own good. She reasoned with it, pleaded, teared up, but all in vain. The balloon wanted the sky full of stars, and she seemed dull.

She thought she could change things. She held onto the string, her hopeless heart believing her love would be enough. But the tighter she held on, the further the balloon drifted away until the string actually snapped.

The balloon had gotten so round, so much full of stupid nonsense and idiocy that she was unable to keep her hold. And off the balloon flew into the sky full of stars.

And the moment that happened, the whole world grew dark around her. So she picked up herself and is making her way home.

The balloon got what it wanted, as it sailed among the stars. Until one day, the balloon caught on fire and burst in flames. The stars were too much for such a tiny and stupid balloon.

It fell in pieces at her feet.

It was so beautiful. She smiled. 

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