Random Confessions at 5 am

  1. When I in the 6th grade, I lied and told people in my class I had been to London, because What A Girl Wants just came out, and everybody was talking about how cool London is and how much fun they had, and I felt left out.
  2. My first fast was at the age of 8 and I drank water on purpose, because I was thirsty and couldn’t wait.
  3. I never wet the bed. However, there was one time I did, when I was 5, or maybe 6. I brought a glass of water and poured it on the bed so Mom wouldn’t know. She knew, obviously. 
  4. I used to wake up when stray dogs would bark at night, and I’d get so frightened that I’d run to my parent’s room. This happened until I was 9.
  5. I wanted to be a surgeon when I met my mom’s doctor cousin. I was 13.
  6. I used to watch Blue’s Clues until I was 17. First, with my baby brothers and when they grew up, I’d watch with my too many baby cousins.
  7. I had a crush on an older guy in my building.
  8. I never returned a book that I really liked to my school library.
  9. I also had a crush on our 10th grade English sub. He was 21. TWENTY ONE! *_* :3 ❤
  10. I went through a phase where I was scared of every single man in my life. I had just finished the 4th grade.

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