Okay, so, today I was craving a sip of Coke throughout the day, and for dinner, my brother brought home a bottle. We don’t drink sodas very often because my dad disapproves of them. But since it’s Ramadan, he made an exception.

And so there I was with my Coke on rocks, as my cousins say it. Sipping the cool drink from my pink bended straw. And the clumsy idiot I am, I knocked the glass over my laptop! 😮

The keyboard was soaked and my heart was in my throat! *hyperventilates* 😥 I quickly put my laptop upside down for 10 minutes, and then cleaned up the sticky mess. After thoroughly scrubbing it with a clean wet cloth, I put it under the fan for an hour and half.

And now, after more than 4 hours of drying, when I press the keys, they kinda stick. I don’t know what I should do. I googled and some say their Macbook fried when they spilled liquid on their keyboards. :l Thank God, THANK GOD, my laptop is still alive and well. ALHUMDULILAH. PRAISE THE LORD! GLORY, HALLELUJAH! I don’t want my laptop dying on me again. I had the worst 4 months without it. :/

Now the question is. How do I clean the inside of the keys? They’re sticking, and feel kinda weird when I press them to type. 😦


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