Hello, world

I’m not dead. 🙂

It’s been weeks since I posted, or even logged in here. I have a lot of unread notifications that I’m dying to see. I will, but later. I’m super busy with my final at university. It’s tomorrow, and I still have to finish working on a couple of things.

This whole month has been super hectic. And I’m so tired, and sleepy, and worn out and feeling cut off from the while world.

Anyway. I’m awfully tired. I’m in bed, it’s 2.30 am here. And I have a very busy and early day tomorrow.

So, bye. I’ll start writing soon. Promise. 🙂

Night! xx


10 thoughts on “Hello, world

      • Haha it sure is! Until you find a job (well that’s me at the moment). What will you do with all the free time you have now? 🙂

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      • Hahaha! Wellllll. Right now, I just want to sleep forever! I don’t know. My parents insist I study further or just do something that makes me leave the house. 😛 lol

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      • What I wouldnt give for that to happen! Things are different at my side of the world. Now that my bachelors is over, there are only two options for the next step of my life, and I have to choose one or the other. There’s no choice other than a. Getting married/finding someone to marry/saying yes to random strangers and marrying their sons.

        b. Studying further.

        Well. I dont know what I want right now. Just it’s neither of those things at the moment. I would love to travel! Omg. Someone please take me.

        Buuuuuut. Acc to parents, I dont have a say in this because “they know better” and so my mom has started hunting for suitable matches for me. Just today, a family came to my house for tea and to see me. This is how arranged marriages work when youre a girl. Strangers come to your house, looking for potential wives for their sons or brothers, they have tea and cake and juice and biscuits and they look at the girl, ask her a question and then they just leave. Sometimes they even ignore the girl beacuse theyve rejected her on the first sight. Anyway. So.

        Oh my god. Im so sorry. I just realized im ranting. 😮 this should be my next blog post, lol.

        Im sorry you have to read all of this. :/

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      • Haha, no need to say sorry 🙂 I read it all and it’s fine as I like reading long conversations. Further study? In what? Are you allowed to start looking for someone yourself?
        Must be hard with the arrange marriages?

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      • Hahaha. Okay. Thanks for not being creeped out. 🙂

        Oh. Well, I was thinking Creative Writing, but I just got done with my bachelors so I need a break. No studying plan for a few months. Need R&R.

        Um. Well, yes, I am allowed. But that’s the thing. I haven’t met anyone that I click with. And since I have failed to select a match for myself, so automatically, it’s my parents job to do that. In my culture, that is.

        Well, yeah. Arranged marriages are hard. And scary. It’s very common here. But about 95% of the time, arranged marriages work. Well, from what I have seen and observed. But I don’t know if I am okay to marry a stranger. :/


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