Why I wish I had a time-turner right now


Because I’ve just come back from the hairdresser’s. AND SHE GAVE ME A FRINGE/REALLY REALLY WEIRD BANGS.

I’ve no idea what went wrong. Well, actually I have a few: The lady who usually cuts my hair didn’t come in today. So I was assigned someone new. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I didn’t trust her. But she seemed nice, so I decided she can cut my hair.


So, there I was, in that high chair, with the overcoat around my neck so tight, I was almost choking. She asked me what I wanted done, and I told her. ONLY to refresh my side bangs. I think she was inexperienced. I don’t know. But she made a mistake. I saw it in her eyes, it was so obvious. She messed up, and after realizing what she had done, her eyes got really wide. It was all SO clear. And then she came and stood before me, blocking my view from the mirror, and off she went with the scissors. Clippety snippety, snip snap. And when I finally looked in the mirror…. OH, THE HORROR!


She tried pinning it on me. Saying how I couldn’t tell her EXACTLY what I had wanted. But I couldn’t really say anything back to her because she was still holding the scissors in her hand. *gulp* But really, the damage was done. 😦 So I am stuck with really stupid, short front hair. I look so ugly. Gah. *hides under a rock*

Time to start wearing the headscarf until the hair grows back. Ugh.


8 thoughts on “Why I wish I had a time-turner right now

  1. 😦 I hate when I don’t go to my favourite hairdresser. My current hairdresser knows what I like. I guess you’ll have to wait til it grows out.. That’s something you already know. But at least you know that you won’t be going back to her. I guess that hair dress should’ve confirmed first before getting her scissors out! She shouldn’t pin it on you, your the customer and she’s the hairdresser. I think she’s in the wrong to blame it on you – it’s like if you’re going to do that, I might as well not come back because of what you’ve done. Nonetheless, you’ve got your haircut, and is it really bad? 😦 I hope you had a good day after your haircut though. Chin up 🙂 everything will be alright! x


    • Hi. It’s kinda sad. I should have just waited for my usual hairdresser. :/ My mom thinks my hair looks fine, but I don’t think so. I’m not okay with it. But obviously I’ll have to live with it now and wait for it to grow back.

      And yes. She was actually very young and idk maybe she panicked and blamed me. Idk. I did get a bit mad at her and she seemed really confused. Anyway. Since i wasn’t satisfied with my haircut, they gave me a free card- I can pick any one servive and it will be free of charge. I haven’t used it because after the haircut mishap, I wasn’t really in the mood.

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  2. Well, if she would be good, she would have seen what kind of style you like and would have heard what you were saying and would have done the proper thing… I guess it is needless to say that you never go back to this hairdresser?

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