How I am going to spend my Valentine’s

1. Eat chocolate

2. Watch Tangled

3. More chocolate

4. Binge on Disney movies

5. Sob

6. Re-watch Tangled

6. Eat some more chocolate


Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies, most favorite in fact. I’ve probably seen it 15 times since it was released. And it makes me cry almost every single time. Love this movie. ❤


This is my favorite scene in the movie. Yes, I bawl through it. No, I’m not 6.


6 thoughts on “How I am going to spend my Valentine’s

  1. Oh I like this:) I made my own chocolates on Valentine’s day to give to others but mostly ate it lol. And I like the movie Tangled. Out of all the Disney princess, is Rapunzel your fave?

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    • Hahahaha. Awww. That’s nice. I bought all my chocolates from the store. 😛 Yes, I LOVE Tangled. Favorite Disney movie ever! My fave used to be Ariel, though. Idk why I like Rapunzel so much. Maybe it’s her character, or maybe it’s her long hair. Haha. Which one is your fave?


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