Oh no!

My laptop has crashed. Again. This time the problem is the hardware, so I’ve been told by the tech support guys.

I really can’t spend a minute away from my laptop. Most people are addicted to their phones. But I am not. My laptop is my everything. It holds everything. From my pictures to my stories; my tv shows and movies; calendar and contacts and notes and blah. Everything important to me is on there.

And this is why these few days without my laptop is hard for me. Well. It’s killing me that I can’t use it anymore… I miss it. The black keys, the glass screen and the cold metal against my skin… I miss it so much. It’s at the apple store here. And they said I’ll get it back in a week. A week. That is the longest I’ll go without using my laptop. :/ 😦

Sigh. People say addictions are bad. But. I don’t know. I’ve always been somewhat antisocial, and my books and my laptop keep me company. I know I sound weird when saying this, but it’s really true for me. They keep me occupied, and sane. Without them I’d be a mess right now.

I just hope the tech support guys fix my laptop asap. Can’t go this long without watching my TV shows. 😛

If you’re wondering who took my laptop to the store to get it fixed, it was my cousin/brother Haris again. ❤


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