Minor heart attack

So, my laptop crashed on Monday night, and I thought my heart had stopped. I have my whole life in here, and it seemed that all the data had been erased. I was all tears, when my brother, Haris, well he’s actually my cousin but we act like siblings, told me not to worry about it and that he will get it fixed. And he came to my rescue. Again. He spent five hours in the shop with the tech support guys for me. FIVE HOURS. Seriously. He hadn’t even had anything for lunch, but he still stayed there to help me.

Actually, he has helped me so many times that I’ve lost count. He’s my personal driver, my personal maid, and helper. If I want something, he will go get it for me. If I have to go somewhere, he will drive me. If I’m in trouble, he’s got my back no matter what happens, and I can always count on him. I am so glad he is my brother. ❤

So, thank you, Haris, for getting my laptop fixed. I love you.

Here is a picture of us.

Here is a picture of us.


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