9 Random Things About Me

I saw lots of bloggers do this kind of thing. And I have been wanting to do this for a very long time but I never got around to do it. 

1. I used to talk to flowers and plants when I was very young.

2. My hands and fingers are very flexible. 

3. I used to be afraid of cats for a while. 

4. I don’t like hospitals.

5. l hate getting my feet dirty. 

6. I love the smell of petrol.

7. I love apples. And grapes. 

8. I like everything neat and organized. I hate it when my sister messes up our room. Yes, you read that right. I share a room with my younger sister. Hmph. Parents. Couldn’t even give her a separate room. 

9. I love wearing long earrings.

10. I never want to cut my hair. I mean, yes, I do get a trim every now and then. But I would never cut it short. 

11. I hate the smell of jasmine. Ironic that it’s the national flower of the country where I’m from. 

12. I can’t write poetry anymore. :/ 

13. I have a teeny tiny crush on Blake Shelton.

I know the title says 9 random things. I just couldn’t stop. Haha.


14. I write ‘haha’ a lot now. 

So, there you go. Random things that make me, me. 🙂 What is the most random thing about you? Share in the comments below. If you want to, that is. 🙂



2 thoughts on “9 Random Things About Me

  1. The Blake Shelton thing….duhh. He’s the country superstar who doesn’t act like it. Can’t not like him. AND you like the smell of gas!? Like gasoline. That makes your car move. Whaaaaaa!? Why? You crazy girl! It’s not good to smell it. Haha

    Nooo. Poetry. 😦 your poetry is so freaking great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi. Yeah. Blake is really tall and his accent’s really cute. 🙂
      Hahahaha. I don’t smell it always, duh. Just whenever we stop at a gas station, I like the smell. That’s all. 😛
      Oh, the poetry thing. Idk. I think I need inspiration. A different experience, I guess. Something to get me going. Idk.


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