A pakistani girl.

Sometimes I think I was made just to get married. At least that’s what my family believes, and wants me to believe.

Born a daughter, a first child to my parents, in a typical Pakistani family, my “life” is a big deal for everybody in our family. Ever since I hit puberty, I am constantly being reminded that all I can ever accomplish in my “meaningless” life is getting married.

Pakistani families are very close-knit by nature. Cousins usually grow up together; aunts, uncles and grandparents mostly live under the same roof, and hence, everyone is in everyone’s business. Since I am the eldest girl in my family, I have been experimented upon one too many times, and was bound with restrictions all the time when I was growing up. It was always: “what will people think?”, and “girls can’t do this, girls can’t do that”

But now, almost a decade later, this is not the case with my younger girl cousins nor it is with my own sister. They can be whoever they want to be. However, whatever and whenever. Be it businesswomen or astronauts, accountants or psychologists, highschool dropouts or doctors. There is nothing that will stop them from being their own person, and no-one will stand in their way.

But what about Mahrukh? Can she do what makes her happy? Something that she likes?


She can only be a wife. Have kids. Cook. Clean. Manage the house. Have some more kids. And repeat.

At least that’s what I’ve always been led to believe. According to my family, the best thing I can do with my life is to get married. And as soon as possible, too. Before I reach my “expiration date.” Attract a nice rich man to marry, become a full-time Masterchef and a housemaid, provide my parents lots of grandbabies to play with, and basically, just kiss my own personal life goodbye.

This is what girls living in Pakistan go through everyday. I’m not saying that every girl goes through this, just most of us do. And there’s nothing really we can say about it, or complain. Because we’re told that our family members always know best. As if.


Journal entry: Aug-Sep

So many things have happened since August. I have been meaning to write it all down, but you know me. I’m very, very lazy. But I’ve finally got around to do it. The past month was one crazy rollercoaster ride. There were many ups, and a few downs, too. But overall, I had my plate quite full.

1. I got a 3.5 GPA- August 1st:

3.5 GPA

My uncle brought me this cake when he heard the news. 🙂

2. My best friend got married- August 15th:

My best friend, Rizwana, got married. She looked so beautiful as a bride! That’s my other bestie, Iqra, in the selfies. ❤

Iqra & I

We were obsessed taking selfies! 🙂

My best friend, Rizwana, got married. She looked so beautiful as a bride! That's my other bestie, Iqra, in the selfies. <3

Bride and Groom in the house! 🙂 ❤ So happy for them!

3. My parents went to Malaysia for a week- August 12th.

4. My younger brother graduated from his university- August 16th.

5. I slipped down the steps when it was raining, and hurt myself- August 14th.

6. My cousin had a Frozen themed birthday party. It was amazing!- August 23rd:


Maryam’s Frozen themed birthday!

DSC_0071 DSC_0041


I wore a wreath. It looked pretty! <3

I wore a wreath. It looked pretty! ❤

7. My birthday was nice, too- August 31st:

IMG_0229    Birthday selfies!

My cutie cousin, Mina! <3  IMG_1844

8. I started work- September 8th.

9. I quit work- September 9th.

10. I finally, FINALLY started taking driving classes- September 8th.

11. I found out that my IDIOT university messed up my records, and that I might graduate next year- September 9th.

12. I visited my old house after 17 years- September 14th.

13. My cousin flew to the US to attend UCLA- September 15th:

Good luck, Irsa! ❤

14. My BFF/sister/cousin is having another baby- September 16th:

IMG_2004 IMG_1988

❤ You can read about us here.



it’s a bitter world


Credits: Eugenia Clara

She is this AMAZING graphic designer, who uses a handwritten approach to her artworks. And this is what makes them so special, unique and beautiful.

Check out her page here.

She deserves all the praise she can get! 🙂 ❤

9 Random Things About Me

I saw lots of bloggers do this kind of thing. And I have been wanting to do this for a very long time but I never got around to do it. 

1. I used to talk to flowers and plants when I was very young.

2. My hands and fingers are very flexible. 

3. I used to be afraid of cats for a while. 

4. I don’t like hospitals.

5. l hate getting my feet dirty. 

6. I love the smell of petrol.

7. I love apples. And grapes. 

8. I like everything neat and organized. I hate it when my sister messes up our room. Yes, you read that right. I share a room with my younger sister. Hmph. Parents. Couldn’t even give her a separate room. 

9. I love wearing long earrings.

10. I never want to cut my hair. I mean, yes, I do get a trim every now and then. But I would never cut it short. 

11. I hate the smell of jasmine. Ironic that it’s the national flower of the country where I’m from. 

12. I can’t write poetry anymore. :/ 

13. I have a teeny tiny crush on Blake Shelton.

I know the title says 9 random things. I just couldn’t stop. Haha.


14. I write ‘haha’ a lot now. 

So, there you go. Random things that make me, me. 🙂 What is the most random thing about you? Share in the comments below. If you want to, that is. 🙂