I am not close to my sister. And I never will be. I look around me and most of my friends are at war with their sisters. But there are some who are BFFs with their sisters. I don’t know where I stand. It’s like every time I try, she does something to sabotage our relationship and we go back to not talking to each other the whole day besides the small talk at the dinner table, like “pass the salt.” 


I obviously care about my sister. Obviously. You can read about us here. But as far as friendships go, she is not my friend. She’s just someone who shares DNA with me. That doesn’t automatically make you friends with someone. It’s more than just that. You become friends by trust and care and love. And that lacks in our relationship as I have found out one too many times that she can’t keep secrets. She can’t in her little tummy. Anyway. She’s everything I don’t like. She’s awfully immature, betrayer, blabbermouth and she gets babied a lot in our household despite the fact that she’s 19. 


And that’s the end of my rant. 




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