Signs of Madness

I saw a roach
with its three heads,
and a table
running with all beds.

I saw a chair
rocking in the air,
and a yo-yo
spinning with the bear.

I saw a pen
writing on the wall,
and an eraser
rubbing it all!

I saw a wand
flicking and floating,
and a cat
with it's pink coating.

I saw a cow
flying in the sky,
and a poodle
zooming just by!

I saw a handbag
walking all alone,
and a mouse
speaking on the phone.

I saw a deer
with its six eyes,
and a microphone
screaming all lies.

I saw a balloon
eating the grass,
and a pumpkin
made of brass.

I saw a monkey
dressed in gold,
and an elephant
in a fold.

I saw a croc
acting too kind,
and a donkey
with a smart mind!

I saw the moon
marrying the sun,
and a rhino
skipping with fun.

I saw myself
writing this piece,
and your dreams
fantasies at ease.

I saw the fountain
on the cloud,
A sign of madness?
I highly doubt.

I saw myself
looking down upon me,
and at all these signs
Crazy, I must be.

I saw the world
stuck in glue,
and this poem
read by you.

I saw all this
and all that,
Next thing I know
I'm on my face flat...

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